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The independent help for organizing your move

So you're moving soon?

We are glad that we can help with that! Are you curious about how Moveria helps organizing your move? You can read everything about our website, team and services here.

We know what occupies your mind

We at Moveria like change! Moving, arranging, switching your environment and shaping your everyday life in a new place. All this does not have to be stressful, even though you’ll feel like you have to manage a lot: Where to get moving boxes? How to arrange new contracts for energy and internet? How to find a reliable moving company? Or would you rather move with the help of friends and family? To whom do you send your new address, and how do you do that? We know these things are occupying your mind.

To help you with all these decisions and tasks, we have developed Moveria. We gathered all the important information about moving in one place so we can provide you with practical knowledge and tools. The result is Moveria – your independent help for planning and organizing your move. We are the largest moving website in Europe and expanding to more and more countries!

Independent and free advice for your move

On Moveria you can read moving tips, download useful checklists, buy materials for your move and find good deals with moving companies and internet/energy providers. You can also create a personal checklist that sends the moving tasks directly to your calendar. All the information and tools on our website are completely free of charge.

We earn money if you decide to buy something through our shop, if you request free quotations for moving firms, or if you buy an energy/internet contract via our comparison tools. All the money we earn is through commissions of our partners. This means that you don’t pay anything. You will never pay more if you book or buy anything via our site. Another thing: we keep our website free of ads so you can have a better experience browsing through the information.

We are always developing Moveria and we want to give you the best possible help with your move. Do you have ideas on how we can improve? Are you missing anything on this website? Then please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Team

Mattias Ejbe

- Director


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